With the use of a CAD/CAM software package, we can automate the process of  generating the CNC tool path for complex components.

We can take a customer supplied drawing file and generate a CNC program  directly to our machines.
This eliminates the risk of human error, which often occurs when the CNC code is  manually programmed.

Some of the advantages of CAD/CAM over conventional programming methods are as follows

  • Reduced Programming time
  • Improved quality and accuracy of finished component
  • Optimised usage of the cutting tool
  • Reduced tool changes and shorter cycle times
  • Less risk of human error
  • Complex components can be produced easily
  • Shorter lead times

Most drawing file types are supported and can be either 2D/3D Milling or Rotary Turn / Mill.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

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